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This is not a blog about the short-comings of the American education system or the stupidity of the next ( or any) generation. If you think the school system failed you and you can still read this, then congratulations,Kilroy! You managed to rise above it. Kudos to you.

This is absolutely not an anti-American blog. I may have named it "Stupid America", but as corny as it sounds, I really do love this country. I will, however, admit I am often embarrassed by it. I just don't understand how a country that once gave us Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Sojourner Truth and Walt Whitman could now be serving up Real Housewives, teen vampires, info-mercials, Humvee limousines and all things Kardashian. Where, exactly, did we go off-script? This blog is my journal of musings on American culture and mores as I try to find some answers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is WRONG with people?

Today I quickly checked in to my blog, to see what was happening ( nothing much) and maybe check the "stats", which show me how many people are reading my blog at any given time ( not many, I would say) and where ( country, not street address-be calmed, conspiracy theorists) they are reading it.  Ah, so sad. Two page views today, both from Sweden, and both from Their search? "anti american blog". Hmm. Of course, this is not what they were looking for. My blog is not an anti-American blog.  But it saddens me every time. Anti-American sentiments are so high, and very often they are ridiculously unfounded. The people who are so adamantly anti-American are often completely unfamiliar with American culture, and have absolutely no personal contact with anyone from America.  I am puzzled as to why there were two views. Perhaps the person searching was so stupid themselves that they checked the same link twice, hoping the second time was a charm.
      I suppose the search was a result of my statement at the heading of the blog, that it is NOT an anti-American blog. But I will be removing that shortly. I don't want to be associated with any sort of search of  "anti american blogs". Perhaps I will have to either try to change the title or even discontinue this blog and start a new one. Which makes me sad. And angry. And very, very upset. My blog is not political. My blog is not anti-American. Don't tread on my blog. Stuff it, Sweden.


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    Grab the “Stylish Blogger” photo, and follow the rules. Thanks for being such a fantastic blogger!

  2. Maybe you'll get even stranger statas now Sunny's given you a shout out from her blog!

  3. Yeah, you'll get people searching stylish Anti-American blogs. Like people making clothes stitched together with safety pins using various flags...Not to give anyone any ideas or anything. Just saying..

    Once someone searched "You have the clap" and ended up on my blog. And I have never written about STDs or anything.

  4. I got a visit from Sweden too. I don't know anyone from or living in Sweden. S30P.